Let C&C Instrumentation & Controls manage your business needs! We have the next generation of innovative and unique solutions for you!

Our team of Qualified Personnel will perform tubing fabrication and installation customized according to your specific needs. Below is a small list of the current services that we offer. We strive to offer a range of beneficial services optimized to give you the best results, whatever the project entails.
  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic System
  • Compression tubing 1/8′ to 2 1/2′
  • High Pressure tubing 1/4′ to 1′
  • Pipe Bending 1/4′ to 2′
  • Test Units
  • Well Control System
  • Rov Panels
  • Diverters
  • Capping Stacks
  • BOP’s
  • Accumulator Module Unit
  • Umbilical Reeler Systems
  • Compression Systems
  • Process Gas Systems
  • Nitrogen Generators